Packing: I need a servant to do it for me

Seriously.  Too many of my clothes want to come with me.  It’s not my fault I swear.  It’s like, I pack a sweater and then two tank tops and another pair of jeans get jealous and I mean, I can’t just LEAVE them home in Tucson for my sisters to just take and abuse.  That’s just not right, is it?  I think I just need a personal servant (slave just doesn’t sound too good.)  I think my problem is that 1) I am both notorious for being the heavy packer of the family – I like to be prepared, okay?  2) whatever I leave behind will be assimilated into my sisters’ wardrobes never to be seen by me again, and 3) I am at the point where I am too lazy to have to sort out exactly what I need to bring, so I figure that if I bring it all, there will be no problems, right?

Another issue that I am coming across is that people keep (kindly) giving me all sorts of advice and it’s all great until I realize that it’s all conflicting.

“Make sure you bring practical clothing”

“Europe is pretty high fashion – you don’t want to look like an American tourist”

“The Armenian sex-trade cartel will kidnap you if you don’t wear old clothes”

So finding a balance is the most difficult thing of it all.  PLUS, three months in Spain is one thing, but packing for three months in Europe and then making sure I am prepared for a following week camping in the Sahara Desert of Morocco with my family is a whole different story.  I don’t think my chiffon pink skirt will exactly blend in over there…just a hunch though.

Anyway, that’s the dilemma, and to the delight of my parents, I am procrastinating the packing although I leave in three days and instead wasting my time on the internet and doing useless things like listening to Lavender practice her French homework.  For those of you who haven’t really heard exactly what I will be doing over in Spain, basically I am going to be living south of Madrid, studying Spanish at the “Universidad de Alcalá de Heneres” for the semester.  I plan on coming back with an elegant lisp (haha yeah just great I know) with a lover from “Barthelona”….or not.  But really.  I can hardly wait.  I just need to buckle down and pack.  Perhaps I will find a way to barter with my mom so that she just does it for me in exchange for organizing her closet or something.  We all have our own mountains to climb right?  So sad…these first world problems.


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