Not Happy, Bob.

If you haven’t seen The Incredibles, you wouldn’t understand my reference.  Let me enlighten you as to how I’m feeling right now:

My patience is definitely wearing thin here, and it’s probably a good thing that in two weeks our group will all be going their own separate ways, because I’m pretty sure I’m at my breaking point.  Everyone is.

Oh yeah, and my computer is literally as fast as a slug, so that doesn’t help me out too much either.

Last week, I went to the musical “Sonrisas y Lágrimas”, or rather, “The Sound Of Music”.  Call me uncultured, but it was a flop, to say the least.  I guess I wasn’t down with not being able to fast forward the nun’s falsetto monologue that always seems to last for 15 minutes every time I watch the movie.  I don’t know.  Give me some credit though, because I stayed through the whole thing to get my money’s worth, unlike many other girls who left at the intermission.

Plus I didn’t get home until 2:30am because we had to trek through Alcalá to make sure everyone got home safely.  It was sketchy, to say the least.  There were weird creepy stuffed animals in the mud in this one park, and a drugged-out man with bulgy eyes was watching us.  Yuck.  I guess it didn’t really help that the whole bus ride from Madrid we were all telling stories of weird occurrences and disturbing people.

Halloween came extremely quickly this year, but we didn’t let it slip by us even though we’re all the way over here in Spain.  It’s really not that big of a thing here, but I was thrilled that one of our professors brought over candy corn and almond joys.  YUM.  In a failed attempt to make nutella cookies, we ended up creating something that looked more like rotten oily cow mastication.  (See, Lavender?  You’re not the only failed cook) I dressed up as a Tribute from the Hunger Games with Alex, because resources were limited and we both happened to have weapons that we had bought from Toledo.

Other girls had some creative costumes as well:  Jim from The Office, two sister missionaries (“Sister 19-And-Ready” and “Sister-I-Finished-My-Papers-In-Two-Hours), and even a banana.

After Alex and I left, we were accosted by a large group of little kids who were going door to door asking for candy.  It was actually pretty refreshing to see them all dressed up as ghosts and witches and Frankensteins and vampires, with pasty paint all smeared on their faces and their hair shamelessly ratted up. It was much more traditionally appealing in contrast to the American trend of dressing up as sleazy little cats, angels, nurses and, this was a new one this year, hot sauce packets.

Nice.  I loved talking to them because they all wanted to practice English.  When they asked where we were from and we said “the United States”, they asked if we were here because our houses were flooded, in references to Hurricane Sandy in New York.  These kids were smart and on the ball!  They ate all my candy corn that I had smuggled away though, but it was probably for the best.

On Sunday (November 4th), I woke up early – yeah, 5:00am early, which is basically unheard of here in Spain – to go into Madrid to shop around at the Rastro (a flea market only open on Sundays) for a while before church.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t meant to buy anything, or maybe it was because I was there on a Sunday and I should have been in Relief Society, but it poured.  The. Whole. Time.  I won’t even begin to go in to my frustrations with the morning, which had to do with people cancelling plans, elite groups, exclusion, PETTY GIRL DRAMA, etc. etc. etc. because I am trying to forgive and forget.  But DANG.  ;awvea;icefhaeksfja;iojakefhakjslfhaejhfluks.  That’s my irritation right there.  It’s good to have it out.  On the bright side though, I was hit by a ray of sunshine and I ended up finding a birthday present for Lily, so I would consider it all worth it.  I even made it back on time to make Sacrament Meeting in Alcalá, matted hair and sopping wet boots and all.  (Lily, you better like this present…otherwise I’m keeping it and once I do you’ll be jealous.  Just saying.)


Oh, another ray of sunshine.   I received four letters in the mail, and I’m expecting two more to come before I leave!  Call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing better than seeing an envelope with your name on it.  Unless it’s a bill, of course.  But still.

On a random note, let me just let you in on a little secret.  There is almost nothing that annoys me more than having to hear people breathe while they eat.  Like, there are some people who breathe HARD while they eat, and it’s actually pretty annoying.  There’s a lot of that here.

It’s a skill I’ve come to master.

Okay, but really, despite my complaints, everything is great here.  I’m seriously going to miss it once I’m gone, and I wouldn’t give up my time here for anything (almost).  Just keep this in mind so while you’re reading you don’t think I’m a complete brat.  Only sometimes.


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